Plan Your Prom Trip


BOOM BABIES is a SAFE SPACE.  No matter how you identify, you are more than accepted and welcome in our store. Please let us help you find your perfect prom attire, regardless of any hesitations you may have. Feel free to call us if you have special requests or requirements. 


Come on a weekday.  It is not as busy as weekends and school breaks.  Your wait time for a fitting room will be very short or you may not have to wait at all.


Let us help you!  When you arrive you will be greeted by one of our sales staff.  We are here to make your shopping trip more successful and help you find what you're looking for.


Keep an open mind.  We do want you to have ideas or pictures in regards to what you are looking for but, also allow our staff to make other suggestions.  We know our dresses, how they fit, and we want you to look good!  Our staff may find you something that you wouldn't have picked out yourself.


Your dress will need to be altered.  You will want to plan your trip sooner than later to ensure that you have enough time for alterations before your event.  We do not do alterations at the store; you will need to take your dress to a seamstress near you.  We do have a list of seamstresses that we highly recommend.


We have accessories!  You will receive 20% off accessories when you purchase your dress.  We also have a large selection of shoes, jewelry & hair accessories to complete your look!


Please be patient! You will have all the time and help you need when you get into the fitting room. 


6 dress limit to start. When you get into a fitting room we will bring you more dresses based on what is and isn't working. Limiting yourself to just 6 dresses to start ensures that you will not be overwhelmed when beginning your journey.


Don't see your size? Just ask! There are 100's of dresses in other rooms and on the holding bar.


Please be respectful and gentle with our dresses! 

Keep dirty shoes and sneakers away from dresses.

Keep everything hung up please - NO dresses on the floor! 

You will be responsible for stains, rips, broken straps and broken zippers.

NEVER force a zipper.  Please let your attendant help you.

We suggest coming without any makeup on.  However we understand that's not always possible. Please keep in mind we will ask you to blot makeup and lipstick before trying gowns; tissues will be provided.


We keep a prom registry! We try to sell only one dress per style and color per school. BEFORE you fall in love with a dress that you have tried on, please make sure that we have checked it in the registry.


We have layaway! 30% down payment, 2 weeks to pay it off. All items on layaway are FINAL SALE, no returns or exchanges for other dresses.  Your 30% deposit is not transferable. 

We do not hold dresses.


We must have permission from a parent/guardian.  If a parent or guardian cannot come with you to the store we must speak to them on the phone before you purchase a gown.  We do not return or exchange dresses and need to be sure that your parent is aware that you're purchasing a dress without them there.


We do not have a public restroom.  We have an agreement with Recess Coffee Shop for our customers to use their restrooms. You do not need to purchase anything to use it.


Bringing 'the guys' with you? There are several establishments right across the street where dad/boyfriend/brother would be much happier waiting! While you're finding your perfect dress, send them over for a coffee or a bite to eat.